The elevation of the Armenian Plateau with the right amount of sun and the abundance of natural springs make perfect conditions for growing several types of grapes that are used to produce wine.

The oldest winery in the world is discovered in Armenia. It is about 6100 years old and is located in Areni village close to Areni Winery that is producing wine today using the same sort of grapes from the same vineyards that were used 6000 years ago.

Because of its stimulating effect wine has been widely used in wars. Before the battle the warriors were served with wine for greater courage and stamina.

Armenia has always been famous for its good wines. Several historians and philosophers have voiced about the Armenian wine. The most famous note belongs to Xenophon that he wrote in 401-400 BC during his expedition. He wrote that when passing through Armenian villages, they have been served with wine that was kept in dugout large jars.

After adopting Christianity in 301 AD red wine became a sacred drink for all Armenians. According to bible it is considered the blood of Jesus Christ.

Every year grapes are blessed and only after that date it is allowed for wineries to collect grapes for wine making.

Among large producers of wine are Areni, Ijevan, Proshyan, Armenia, Karas, ArmAs, Van Ardi and others. The best types of wines in Armenia are Black Kishmish, Kagor, Kakhet, Khdoghni. In 2013 Armenian Muscat was recognized as the best wine in the world.

There are also wines made from different types of fruits like pomegranate, sweet cherries, quince, apricot, blackberry, etc. that have unique tastes.

Being one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in Armenia, wine is also being made in many homes around the country. They each have a specific recipe and everyone believes that theirs is the best, you will need to check that out personally!

You can taste wine as well as participate in winemaking in almost all wineries of the country. Each year Armenians organize Wine Festivals, where you will be delightfully amazed by the assortment and quality of Armenian wine.