To See / Mountains

Achkasar Mountain

Lori, Armenia
3196 m. The highest point of Lori Marz of Armenia.

Ara Mountain

Aragatsotn, Armenia
2577 m. The top of the mountain looks like a man lying on his back. According to the legend the lying man is one of the gods of old Armenian mythology – Ara the Beautiful.

Aragats Mountain

Aragatsotn, Armenia
4095 m. The highest point of the Republic of Armenia.

Ararat Mountain

Igdir, Turkey
5137 m. Biblical mountain. According to the Bible Noah’s Ark landed on top of Mount Ararat, where the new life started.

Azhdahak Mountain

Gegharkunik, Armenia
3598 m. The highest point of Geghama mountain range. The last time it has erupted was 1900 B. C. ± 1000 years.

Kaputjugh Mountain

Syunik, Armenia
3906 m. The second highest point of Armenia after Mount Aragats.

Khustup Mountain

Syunik, Armenia
3214 m. Vachagan River starts from this mountain. The grave of Armenian National Hero Garegin Nzhdeh is located on the slopes of the Mountain.

Lalvar Mountain

Lori, Armenia
2545 m. The highest point of Armenian-Georgian mountain range.