Yerevan Among Best Food Cities

January 17, 2017

The Armenian cuisine is tasty, unique and delicious. With locally grown endemic ingredients the savvy grandmothers, as well as professional chefs create fantastic bouquet of taste and aroma for gourmets from all over the world.

For this reason the world renowned National Geographic has included Yerevan in the list of best destinations for people who understand taste. Yerevan is recognized to have the best tasting food in all of Asia.

Once in Armenia you will be surprised by the coziness and variety of national dishes in Armenian restaurants for a price far lower that you expected.


Burger King Opens in Armenia

January 14, 2017

The first Burger King restaurant opens its doors in Armenia. In the food court of Dalma Garden Mall you will now find another familiar brand and enjoy a tasty meal after a victorious shopping day.

The management of the company had announced about the upcoming opening in the fall of last year.

Burger King is the third international food chain represented in Armenia, after KFC and Pizza Hut.


Oldest Street in Yerevan

November 20, 2016

Armenia is an ancient civilization. Therefore, the perception of old among Armenians is pushed to the limit. Something to be considered as “old” in Armenia should have been made at least 2000 years ago. Nevertheless, archeologists continue to find even older things.

Recently they discovered the new oldest street in Yerevan. It is 2,700 years old. It is located in the Urartian city of Erebuni (which is the old name of Yerevan). The street is 30 meters long and is covered with ceramic tiles.

It is a tremendous discovery and according to the professionals it changes the understanding of the development of the civilizations of the era.


Areni – a Global Wine Trail

October 14, 2016

Areni is among 15 best wine routes around the world collected by CNN. Landing on Biblical Mount Ararat, Noah planted the first grape seed on the base of the mountain and started the men’s longest journey of wine making in Armenia.

Armenian wine customs and traditions are as old as the country and the nation itself. Recently, archaeologists found a wine making facility that is 6,100 years old. It is located in Areni village, where 6,100 years later Armenians still produce wine from the same sorts of grapes by the same recipe.

Areni Winery is about 100 km southeast of Yerevan. You can travel to Yeghegnadzor by bus and from there take a taxi.


Ani is an Armenian UNESCO Heritage Site

October 4, 2016

Very recently the Armenian symbolic city of Ani was included in the remarkable UNESCO World Heritage List. Also it is noted that, although Ani is located in Turkey, it is a true monument of Armenian culture.

Armenians like to create and build. You can find Armenian churches, schools and restaurants almost in every country in the world.

Throughout the long history Armenia has had 13 capitals. Currently in the territory of Turkey, Ani has been a capital city of Armenia for almost a century. It quickly became the cultural, religious and economic capital of the country. Because of its magnificence Ani is called City of 1001 Churches.


Brussels Airlines is Coming to Armenia

September 16, 2016

On September 13th the Ambassador of Armenia in Brussels Tatul Margaryan had a meeting with Director General of the Multilateral Affairs and Globalization at the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Arthur Régibeau. Among other bilateral affair discussed by the two officials was one that concerns the tourists more than any other.

Brussels Airlines will be serving Brussels-Yerevan-Brussels direct flight. The application of the Belgian Civil Aviation bodies for the launch of the route was handed to the Ambassador during the meeting.

The route will be launched until the end of this year. Starting from the next year the frequency will be adjusted to the need.

Brussels Airlines is a well-known Belgian air company that serves over 90 destinations in Europe, North America and Africa.


Yerevan is Heaven

September 14, 2016

Armenia’s capital city Yerevan has a lot to offer to any type of visitor. Weather you visit for only a day or decide to live there for the rest of your life, you will feel at home.

The international open publishing platform has recently published an article where you would be surprised how convenient Yerevan is for people who chose to be a freelancer.

In his article writer Tom Allen gives 9 reasons why you should choose Yerevan as your “Digital Nomadic Basecamp”. He lives in Armenia for a long time and knows quite a lot about the country. He talks about all the aspects that a freelancer, or anyone who wants to live in one of the most amazing cities in the world would be interested to hear. He touches issues concerning cost of living, tasty cuisine, the abundance of internet in the city, high level of security and more.

So next time you want to live somewhere different look no further!


Paragliding Pre World Cup in Armenia

July 12, 2016

Armenian steep and high mountainous terrain make it a perfect spot for paragliding. That is why paragliders choose Armenia as one of their primary destinations.

This year the Paragliding Pre World Cup will take place in Armenia. On July 13 about a hundred competitors from 24 countries will take off towards the sunny skies of Armenia. This will be the second time that such event is hosted in Armenia.

The whole event will last 8 days. This includes trainings and a lot of other fun activities. Sky Club Armenia in one of the organizers of this annual event.



July 4, 2016

The Armenian calendar is filled with joyful and at the same time meaningful festivals. This time it is Vardavar.

It is a religious festival. The day of spilling water on each other. This festival was originally connected with old Armenian Goddess of water, beauty, love and fertility – Astghik. The tradition bears the meaning of asking for a fertile year, that is why it is celebrated before the harvest begins. Christianity kept this tradition and passed it on to generations.


The Pope visited Armenia

June 27, 2016

The Pope Francis visited Armenia on June 24. This visit will further deepen the relationship of two churches – the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Catholic Church.

Armenia is the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as the state religion in 301, setting an example for Roman Empire and other influential states of the time. This is the reason why Armenia is so important in spreading Christianity around the world.

One of the most important points on his agenda was the visit to Tsitsernakaberd, the Armenian Genocide Memorial Monument and Museum. Built in 1967 it is a place where people pay their tribute to 1.5 million innocent people who died by the hands of ottoman turks in 1915.